Revitalization of the Environment in Afghanistan
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The Afghanistan Samsortya is a non-profit organization currently operating in Eastern Afghanistan.

The word Samsortya means “re-vitalization.”

We are a grassroots organization supported by the local population. We remain committed to our people-centered mission: development of programs that realistically meet the needs of often ignored populations in ways that are sustainable for future generations. In the past three decades, an estimated 60 to 80 percent of Afghanistan’s land resource has been lost—forests stripped, irrigation systems destroyed, and farmlands abandoned. We at Afghanistan Samsortya determined to help restore the region’s woodlands and ground water. We are helping the local community to plant and care for the trees, while at the same time encouraging them to a more fulfilling life and a more self-sufficient, independent and enduring community. At Afghanistan Samsortya, we directly address the challenges of environmental degradation, with the recognition that a healthy environment is crucial for economic and social well-being.

Samsortya is a community project brought about by cooperation between agricultural workers in Surkhrud, Afghanistan, organizers and fundraisers in the New England region, and contributors like you.

Samsortya is supported by the New Forests Project World Seed Program.

The Afghanistan Samsortya is a 501(c)3 organization.



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For more information please contact:
Mariam Raqib, Director, The Afghanistan Samsortya



We are expanding the nursery projects to focus on women. Our two new nurseries will include women in leadership positions, as well as the everyday decision making and management of the nurseries.

The women in our programs are illiterate, and without any means to support themselves. They are also responsible for their dependent children, and elderly parents. The women have a background in agriculture and farming. An immediate benefit of the nurseries is employment to vulnerable populations. This is particularly crucial for women, as the women in our projects are widows with children, illiterate, and without access to social services. The women will use their salaries to provide food, medicine, clothing, and school supplies for their children.This is an opportunity for them to both apply their skills to improving their country as well as to become empowered members of society.

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